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Hello my friend,

Vincent Eke is my name and this is my story.

I set up Lionpen Publishing to self publish the series of children’s books that I have written. Another goal of mine was to start and run my own business.

Photo of Vincent EkeI have always wanted to to be an author since I was a young child. I read wildly as an early reader and teenager. Now that I am almost at the mid point of my life I still have not got tired of the smell of books. Mind you, my fascination with books is not the fancy covers or the price tag but what words of truth, wisdom, knowledge and power is conveyed in the text in between the covers of the book.

Since the day I opened my first book and was able to read it by myself I have become hooked. Books have always been a great source of information, knowledge and wisdom for me. However, I have also always had a healthy questioning mind. You see, I am a truth seeker. I am not satisfied with the status quo. I always believed that there is something much more joyful, bigger and better for me and for all mankind to accomplish.

My creative spirit has held me hostage for the past two years. The current unhealthy worldwide economic conditions did not help either. In fact, the economic gloom been painted everywhere since 2008 was one of the major factors that forced me to strike out in my quest for both financial and spiritual independence that my heart yearns for.

During this period I decided to return to my first story which I had written a few years ago. I sat down and actually pounded away at my laptop to bring it up to date. The result of that process is the first of my children story books. The first book is The Turtle’s Shell in the Mama’s Tales of Kanji series.

I especially like reading children’s books and watching cartoons when I was younger. Deep down I have always wanted to write my own book too. It is this dream and my love for books that has led me to write my own children’s books which I am going to publish come rain or sunshine. I have set myself an audacious goal to write at least one book every six months. Yes, I know what you are thinking. This might be a very tall order. There is no better time than NOW to start though.

This website Lionpen Publishing is my home site for publishing and blogging about my books. For further information on my writing, blogging and opinions on writing, publishing and other subject matter of life visit my personal author website at I have set it up to serve as my creative and intellectual outlet for everything that I am doing on my journey to get my books published and make a success of my new enterprise. In here, I will provide my insights, thoughts and stories on the ups and downs of the creative process of been a writer and an entrepreneur but with emphasis on book publication.

My other interests include: movies, music, traveling, social media and interacting with creative and positive people. More gist on those hobbies of mine later.

So if you want to know how hard I am working this business then do sign up for my email newsletter updates and visit the site regularly. As a thank you I am giving you a free and exclusive preview of the first chapter of my book The Turtle’s Shell. It is the first title in the series Mama’s Tales of Kanji. It is in PDF version so you must have Adobe software to enable you to download your copy.

The book has now been published, launched and the full version – Paperback and eBook – can be bought and downloaded from Amazon, Smashwords, B & N, Kobobooks and all other major online and offline book stores. Please, support and share the good news to your friends.

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I hope you enjoy it.

Have fun!
Vincent Eke


“If the future doesn’t come toward you, you have to go fetch it.”

– Zulu Proverb