Fund It Project

Fund It Project

This was the Fund It project page for The Turtle’s Shell by writer Vincent Eke. The project has long been closed because the full funded amount was not reached. But we still need your support to publish all of Vincent’s children’s books.

UPDATE: The Fund It fundraising project has been closed!

However, you can still support Vincent’s effort to publish his forth coming children’s story book by watching the video below. You can also make a donation using the Donate button on the bottom right hand side widget. Thank you very much!

The Turtle's Shell-Book Cover

  • You can go straight ahead and get the Free Chapter Download of his storybook Mama’s Tales of Kanji – The Turtle’s Shell as a thank you gift from Vincent for visiting our website and then go support his fundraising project at Fund It, or
  • You can read our Blog where you will find very interesting articles on writing, self publishing, self development and learn ways that will show you how to become the best creative writer.


Our most Popular Places to visit here are The Turtle’s Shell Book, About Vincent and the Blog pages.

“Vincent has already received some great reviews from both Primary and Early-Reader school children and their teachers. At the last World Book Day 2012 in his local Educate Together School and Library he had the opportunity to reenact the fire place scenario. He read his stories to other children. The joy of the experience was the excitement and awe on the faces of the school kids.

In fact, the beautiful book cover of Mama’s Tales of Kanji – The Turtle’s Shell was turned into a school project. The current book cover was unanimously chosen from a small selection by the majority of the school children after a school wide survey project conducted by the student council members. Why don’t you join these excited children who are waiting to see the full version of the book published in both print and eBook format. You can make the dreams of these and other children around the world come true when they hold one of Vincent’s books in their hands.” – The Dream of Writing a Book

Remember, this is Vincent Eke’s first children’s storybook, Mama’s Tale of Kanji – The Turtle’s Shell and it was inspired by stories he heard as a young child sitting around the fire growing up in his native country of Nigeria. An excerpt of his story was published in The Archive – Journal of the Northside Folklore Project (Issue 9) in Cork, Ireland. Vincent is currently working on more titles in this series, Mama’s Tale of Kanji.

You can also keep in touch and interact with Vincent on all the popular social media outlets where you will find him posting his #Wision about books, story telling, writing, publishing and the creative life on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Thank you very much for your visit.

“You can start with nothing. And out of nothing, and out of no way, a way will be made.”

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