Change Nobody likes Change. Left to our own devises most people would like things to just remain the way they are. That is only if the present situation is most favourable to them. Why should you put yourself through the … Continue reading

Powerful Lessons from Just Do It Nike slogan

Powerful Lessons from “Just Do It.” Nike slogan How does a simple phrase “Just Do It.” have such a powerful effect on a brand’s product? Does this powerful effect in this simple phrase which became the inspiration for Nike’s “Just … Continue reading

How to Eat an Elephant

How to Eat an Elephant How Do You Eat an Elephant? One Bite at a Time. This is the principle of how to accomplish your ultimate goal by setting and achieving smaller goals first. Setting Big and Small Goals The … Continue reading

My Dreams and Goals for the New Year 2013

My Dreams and Goals for the New Year 2013 My dreams and goals for the New Year 2013 would be the culmination of those I had in 2012. Last year my dreams and goals were many, some were achieved, some … Continue reading