Powerful Lessons from Just Do It Nike slogan

Powerful Lessons from “Just Do It.” Nike slogan

Just-Do-It How does a simple phrase “Just Do It.” have such a powerful effect on a brand’s product? Does this powerful effect in this simple phrase which became the inspiration for Nike’s “Just Do It.” ad campaign apply to sports activities only? Can anybody else including indie writers apply it to themselves in the accomplishment of their goals? What are the powerful lessons from “Just Do It.” Nike slogan that we can we learn today?

Since its launch the Nike brand and their sport products have become household name. Many people including those outside of the sporting field have also used it to change their lives. This inspirational phrase was coined by advertising agency founder Dan Wieden of Wieden + Kennedy in 1988 for a Nike promotional sport ads campaign. He first saw how powerful it is after reading about a similar phrase that was uttered as the last words of a man about to be executed. In spite of its morbid origin it has remained a very popular slogan since then. It is arguably one of my best inspirational phrases.


The Power in Just Do It.

How can three simple words “Just Do It.” hold so much power and cause such a tremendous change in ones circumstances? People feel and identify with the power in the words because they are simple and true. The phrase itself has finality in it. Whatever it is you would want to do – you either do it now or move on to something else.

Well, we all know this is easier said than done. If we were to obey and apply the wisdom in this words to everything we planned on doing in our lives especially from an early age we would be great achievers. The ability to grasp and apply this motto is one of the secrets to success.

Moreover, when one is at the point of making a decision or at a crossroad implementing the adage “Just Do It.” does not give room for hedging ones bet or looking back. It does not entertain regrets and it banishes the thought of failure to a future day for retrospection.


What makes “Just Do It.” so Powerful?

On a closer look at the phrase one would discover that it ends not in an exclamation mark – which would have given one some fuzzy feeling and also offered one a bit of wriggle room for escaping from finishing the dreaded task at hand.

Instead the phrase ends in a full stop. What does this mean? What this simply mean is that you are going to do what you said you want to do right now with no excuses or you should forget about it all together. When there is a task to be done, be proactive and Just Do It.

In this short video below, the brains behind the “Just Do It.” ad campaign slogan tells us how this popular phrase came about and its impact on both the company Nike’s sport brand and the ordinary people who adopted it as their mantra and applied it to change their circumstances.


The Application of Just Do It.

Just as many people had used this slogan to propel themselves to do what it takes to succeed so you too can use it to get things done. I use it when I am tired of procrastinating on something I should have done ages ago but felt too unfocussed or reluctant to either do it or complete it. So:

  • Do you want to go to college and work for Google? Just Do It.
  • Do you want to write a book and become a published author? Just Do It.
  • Do you want to lose weight and look more healthy, beautiful or handsome? Just Do It.
  • Do you want to do nothing, go nowhere and achieve nothing in life? Just Do It.
  • Whatever is it you want to do? Just Do It.


The Aftermath of Just Do It.

There is a feeling of great accomplishment after you have crossed your heart, thrown caution to the wind and gone out on a limb to do something you have been putting off. Now you can sit back and say to yourself – Just Done It!

Just-Done-It!How has this phrase “Just Do It.” resonated personally with you? Are you one of those who would have preferred it with an exclamation mark or a full stop? How are you using these powerful lessons from “Just Do It” Nike slogan to go beyond procrastination in your quest to accomplish your dreams and goals?