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The Turtle’s Shell by Vincent Eke

11am Wednesday 23 October 2013

Cork City Library, Grand Parade, Cork, Ireland

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A New Children’s Storybook Has Just been Published on Amazon Kindle Store and Smashwords


Lionpen Publishing is happy to announce that The Turtle’s Shell by Vincent Eke – A Brand New Children’s African Folklore Storybook has successfully been published on the Amazon, Smashwords platforms and it has gone live.

This general fiction African folklore story book “The Turtle’s Shell” in the series Mama’s Tales of Kanji has been published to the Kindle Store, Smashwords and is already available for readers to purchase in all available formats from both online book sellers.


Where to buy the book The Turtle’s Shell by Vincent Eke


Buy and Download The Turtle’s Shell eBook here.

Copy and paste URL address on your browser:

Vincent’s Amazon Author Page can be found here:

Available Format: Kindle (.MOBI)

ISBN 978-1-909688-01-8 Kindle Edition (Kindle eBook)

Buy and Download The Turtle’s Shell eBook.

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My Smashwords Author Page can be found at:

Whatever type of eReader you use you will find other available formats at Smashwords which include:

ISBN 978-1-909688-02-5 Smashwords Edition (ePub eBook)

  • Sony Reader (LRF)
  • Kindle (.MOBI)
  • Palm Doc (PDB)
  • EPUB
  • PDF
  • RTF
  • Plain Text


Spread the word

We would really appreciate it if you, your family members and your friends can go and get your copy now, look at it the beautiful illustrations, read the exciting story, review the whole book and also be one of the first to write your Customer Reviews or/and feedback on the book’s Amazon and Smashwords pages.


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Stay connected and be one of the first persons to be informed of what Vincent and Lionpen Publishing is doing next, when the book’s Paperback launching date would be and how to get exclusive gifts in future. The next tale in the Mama’s Tales of Kanji series which is fittingly titled The Golden Bird is right now going through our rigorous cooking process so that you the fan would get another fantastic story book just like the first one The Turtle’s Shell by Vincent Eke.

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As Mama would say, “May the blessings and favours of the gods meet you on your journey in life!”


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  • Sukai Bojang

    I love folklore. The video and the animation is beautiful. Let’s keep networking.

    • Vincent Eke

      Thanks Sukai for your love. Be sure to check out the rest of the site. Yes, let’s keep networking together.

  • Ini

    This is a wonderful work of Art. I admire your creativity, keep it up. Ini

    • Vincent Eke

      Hi Ini, thank you for your words of encouragement and support. Do let your friends know about out new book – The Turtle’s Shell. We would love to see you visit our site again soon.

    • Ini

      Today’s book lunch was magnificent. Welldone Vincent. Ini