Nobody likes Change. Left to our own devises most people would like things to just remain the way they are. That is only if the present situation is most favourable to them. Why should you put yourself through the hassle needed to change? However, life has shown that it is impossible for things to remain the same for a very long time even if the current situation is most favourable to you. The most permanent thing in life is change. If you look around you long enough you would soon realise that everything is changing.

The lifestyle we were used to, were told to accept and thought would continue forever is changing. Politics and Leadership systems around the World are changing. People’s mindset, dreams and aspirations are changing. The 21st century is set to witness and experience the greatest change that has ever faced the people in this little blue planet we call Earth. The traditional way of doing business is changing rapidly with the fast paced advancement of the Information Age. The status quo is no longer accepted as the only way and solution of how things should be done or how the people of the World should live.

“Live each day as if it were your last… Because one day it will be.” – Jeremy Schwartz

All the wisest men who ever lived and all the religions of the world have reminded us that man must embrace change. Whether the change leads to a positive or negative outcome is inevitable. It is the experience gained from the change that would help us to chart and design the desired lifestyle and world we want to live in. They have also said that in order to make a change you must start today.

Sometimes after going into deep meditation I write down some of the thoughts that have been strongest and  that really resonated with me. Occasionally, when I am in a moment of despair I bring out my journal and read these words again to encourage myself to keep going in my quest to achieve my goals and live the lifestyle that I desire for myself and my loved ones which includes you reading these words. Recently, the though just occurred to me that I should put these words in pictures and put them up in my Pinterest board. The pictures below are the first ones. Feel free to pin them on your Pinterest page or link to them on your website.

Start Today

Start Today Picture

Start today to carve out the life you want to live tomorrow



Change Picture

…Life is a never ending loop

Your Yesterday was Today and your Today was Tomorrow

Your Tomorrow will become Today and Today will become Yesterday

The only thing that is constant is Change

Don’t be afraid to change

Get comfortable with change

Life is constantly changing

So keep changing!

Life is a never ending loop…


What have you done today?

What have you done today?

Yesterday is gone never to be relived.

Today will be Yesterday lived

How are you living today

To make Yesterday a happy memory

and tomorrow a joyful outcome?

What have you done Today?


I hope by sharing these words you the reader would be able to gain some inspiration to encourage you re-evaluate your present situation, make that change, move on, or stick it out in whatever you may be involved in.

“The person who has lived the most is not the one who has lived the longest, but the one with the richest experiences.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Enjoy, live your life without unreasonable restrictions and may unlimited blessings be yours. Do let me know what your thoughts are, what change you are making in your business and life in the comments below?

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  • Robert H Hernandez

    This is amazing, thhank you very much for sharing.

    • Vincent Eke

      Hi Robert, thank you for visiting, reading and commenting. I hope the words and message edified you.